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Business Writing

Give Your Audience Added Value Not Advertising

Print communication pieces have a better chance of being read if they follow many of the same principles of developing good website content.

When you know who your customers are, and what they seek, you can communicate how your product or service can provide just that. Solving your customer’s problems builds trust and establishes lasting relationships.

Put Your Best Face Forward in Bios & LinkedIn Profiles

You are not alone if you find writing a letter to your customers, your company’s about page or your LinkedIn profile difficult.

If you would like to have a well crafted bio, letter or brochure content introducing your services to new customers, but neither have the time nor the staff to do it yourself, contact Helen.

Once I understand your product or service, I can tailor your content to the audience you want to reach. Other business writing content I create for clients, includes:

* articles
* newsletters
* business letters
* marketing materials
* website copywriting
* industry economic profiles
* response to RFPs
* tourism best practices

Visit my portfolio to see a sampling of the business writing I’ve written for clients.